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What is the Book of Dan Corcoran?

Many years ago, a co-worker of mine told me I should document some of the ways that I have described things or help people get a better handle on different concepts. I always thought it was kind of a silly idea. I just try to find a way to reach people on their level. The challenge is that their level is higher than my level. It forces me to step up. Sometimes I fail in historic fashion. My kids could tell stories of the terrible analogies I have tried to use. It's a pretty good laugh. So here we are in 2021. I am going to attempt to write it down. I am also going to focus on some of the incredible experiences that I have had. From people I have met to things I have seen, I want to share. If you enjoy the read, let me know. The intent here is not to offend anyone but I can't guarantee that will be the outcome. I'm going to put it down as I see it. Enjoy or not...Welcome to the Book of Dan Corcoran

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